Glamorgan Cricket and Cricket Wales have launched Inspiring Generations, Cricket in Wales' strategy to 2024.

The strategy, originally presented to the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in early March 2020, is the culmination of over two years' collaborative work between Glamorgan Cricket, Cricket Wales and a number of key local partners and stakeholders.

Alongside this joint strategy, both organisations have submitted a self-assessment of their current performance against a set number of standards and priorities set for the professional and recreational game, as part of their funding commitment from the ECB.

Having co-identified 5 key priorities and a number of milestones, deliverables and KPIs as part of our plans, we have committed to tracking and regularly reporting our progress to our respective Boards of Directors and members.

The main objectives for Cricket in Wales over the next 4 years will be to:

  1. Develop successful teams and players 
  2. Create a network of great cricket venues
  3. Increase the number of people positively experiencing cricket to create a life-long love of the game
  4. Ensure a great player and fan experience at every level
  5. Make the game sustainable and secure the game for future generations

Glamorgan Cricket Chief Executive, Hugh Morris, explains, "Our Inspiring Generations strategy demonstrates our commitment to the longevity of our wonderful sport, here in Wales. In light of recent times, this strategy remains a vital framework to ensure cricket in Wales can not only bounce back but thrive, in a post-Covid-19 world.

"Key to our success will be the promotion of our own cricket heroes, here at Glamorgan. Our 2021 season is off to a good start, and we look forward to our first home fixture tomorrow at Sophia Gardens.

"Later this summer sees the introduction of the Hundred competition, and the opportunity to watch international men’s and women’s cricket stars, in the heart of the Welsh capital. We hope to be able to welcome as many fans as possible to the ground.

"And, after all, as the only Welsh team to represent an entire country rather than a county, we are in a truly unique position to be able to help shape and inspire people’s love for the sport of summer."

Cricket Wales CEO, Leshia Hawkins, commented, "While we are, for obvious reasons, a year later than we had all hoped to be in launching Inspiring Generations officially, this is still an exciting day for Cricket in Wales, and many people should be extremely proud of their efforts in putting this plan together.

"We continue to be grateful to our colleagues at Glamorgan for their support of our endeavours, especially that which we have received from players and coaches in the last year in particular, lending us their platforms and influence, to help amplify our messaging and ambitions for recreational cricket.

"I am looking forward to seeing these joint plans between our organisations bear fruit this summer; We are already outperforming our previous years' results in terms of new kids coming into our sport through All Stars, and now Dynamos - and women's and girls' cricket is just booming.

"I genuinely believe cricket has huge potential in Wales, and my team and I are excited by the prospect of growing our sport further in the coming years."

CLICK to view INSPIRING GENERATIONS: Our Strategy for Cricket in Wales





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