Glamorgan to host a Club Incentive Scheme webinar

9 Feb 2024 | Community

After the success of the Club Incentive Scheme in 2023, it will be back for 2024, and we will be hosting a webinar to discuss various topics heading into the 2024 season.

The webinar will be held on Thursday, 15th February at 6pm. You can attend the meeting HERE, though the meeting will be recorded and made available to those unable to attend.

The 2023 Club Incentive Scheme saw a total of 49 clubs across Wales participate, resulting in Glamorgan selling upwards of 1500 tickets, including over 500 U17 tickets, and the Clubs generated a revenue of over £4500 through the scheme.

The meeting will involve members of the Glamorgan Commercial Team, the Glamorgan Community Team, and representatives from the Welsh Cricket Clubs that have chosen to attend.

A save the date has been sent to all Clubs participating in the webinar and other Cricket Clubs around Wales if they wish to participate.

The following are the major points to be covered in the webinar -

  1. Highlights from the Club Incentive Scheme 2023
  2. Club Incentive Scheme 2024, including changes, key developments, and key dates.
  3. Demonstration of purchasing tickets.
  4. Description of earning commission.
  5. Fixture list of Glamorgan Cricket and Sophia Gardens for 2024.
  6. Tips and tricks to sell more tickets and earn more commission - essentially improving sales.
  7. Junior memberships.
  8. Q&A session.

We look forward to welcoming all participants and hope we can make the Club Incentive Scheme even more successful in 2024!