Sophia and Will Smale – Sister and Brother and Both Professional Cricketers

27 Mar 2024 | Cricket

Introducing Sophia and Will Smale, the sibling duo gearing up for the first full season where they will both be professional cricketers. While it's Will's first full season as a pro for Glamorgan, Sophia brings her seasoned expertise to the field for Western Storm and is currently in Sri Lanka with England U19s.

How does it feel to both be playing professional cricket this season?
Will: It’s pretty cool. Seeing Sophia around the ground all of the time, training, is quite nice and it’s good that we have both got to the level where we want to be.
Sophia: I would agree with that, it’s pretty nice. I guess I’m just very proud of the work we both put in. I mean it’s great to see you (Will) doing really well.

How has your family influenced your passion for the sport and supported your journeys?
Will: Massively. It’s been well documented particularly by Soph that my grandpa played a massive role getting us both into cricket but, alongside that, our parents taking us to training around the country. It’s been a massive help to have such supportive family.
Sophia: I agree, especially with Grandpa drilling us at a young age, he taught us the basics straight away, but our parents have definitely had a massive role to play especially travelling around the country.

How do you support and encourage each other in pursuing your dreams in cricket?
Will: We are pretty good and pretty supportive. We always ask each other how things are going, and I’ll always watch if Soph’s playing and vice versa. Always trying to push each other to get better and check in on each other’s performances.
Sophia: I’d agree, it’s also quite nice to get a few nets here and there with Will to challenge my bowling. I feel if I bowl at him then I should be pretty set for the season. Also, phone calls a lot if you are away from home to see how you are going with the training matches etc.

Can you share any memorable moment or experience from your early cricketing days that you both cherish and still talk about today?
Will: My memory of Soph was being at lots of my games growing up and just being on the side and either you (Soph) running in and bowling or hitting a ball with Grandpa. The memory of the two of us just messing around in the garden at times as well as you probably being at a lot of my games, which I’m now repaying the favour for and trying to get to a few of yours.
Sophia: I’d agree with that. Growing up watching you play made me want to play a lot but I’d probably say when we played against each other a couple of years ago, not going to say the result!
Will: A couple of years ago, we played against each other. I played for the MCC and Soph was playing for School. It was a nice moment.

What’s the one cricketing skill or talent of Sophia’s that you wish you had?
Will: I mean as a wicketkeeper, I’d probably like to be able to roll out a few left arm spinners I reckon. If I could have a bit of bowling under my belt as well that would be quite nice. A few of your left arm tweakers in the power play would be quite useful.

What’s the one cricketing skill or talent of Will’s that you wish you had?
Sophia: To be able to be as good at sweepers as you (Will) are. I‘m trying, and I feel like I have got a lot better over the winter, but I always just watch you sweep from away. So, I wish I could sweep like you.