Tom Turner

Date of birth 18.10.1990 Role in team Strength & Conditioning Coach Glamorgan debut N/A Random fact N/A

Tom was first involved with Glamorgan in 2012 while on an internship under the mentoring of then lead Rob Ahmun.  In 2014 Tom gained the role as lead S&C which saw him take charge of the professional staff and academy.  Since 2014 Tom has helped continue to make physical training very much an integrated part of being a professional cricket player and with the support of the science and medicine staff drive physical standards across the club.  In 2019 Tom gained recognition for his ability supporting England Lions on winter tours to India and Australia.  In 2021 Tom is supporting the England U19's squad as they prepare for the 2022 U19 World Cup.

Day to day, Toms's role involves working closely with the players optimally plan their training programmes to help them 1) maximise their ability as cricket athletes and 2) reducing the likelihood of injury.  In the winter (Nov - Feb) this will include working with both the cricket coaching and Science & Medicine team to deliver a comprehensive programme of cricket, strength training, fitness and additional add-ons such as pilates, yoga and nutrition support.  In the summer Tom will assist in the matchday preparation of the team, guide players with their physical training around cricket and help monitor their training stress week to week.  In the unfortunate event a player gets an injury Tom will work closely with the club physiotherapists and cricket coaches to support them in their rehab and return to cricket.